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Please read our Privacy Policy carefully.

www.bevandeistantanee.it is managed by Kynetos S.r.l. ("Kynetos S.r.l.") with registered office in Via E. De Amicis, 4/D - 47121 - Forlì (FC). Kynetos S.r.l. controls the use of www.bevandeistantanee.it users' personal data.

1. Our policy
Everyone has the right to be ensured that the personal data that concern him/her are duly protected.
Kynetos S.r.l. respect the right of its users to be informed about the collection of their personal data and about other processing operations tied to the latter.
Your personal data will be imprinted on principles of fairness, lawfulness, and transparency, and of tutelage of your confidentiality and rights.
For more information on our Privacy Policy, you can contact the following email address: servizioclienti@bevandeistantanee.it

2. Purposes and modes for data processing
Kynetos S.r.l. control the use of www.bevandeistantanee.it users' personal data; Kynetos S.r.l. autonomously determine the purposes and means of processing personal data and the instruments used, including those for security measures.

Some of the processors of your personal data are:
• GLS, for for purposes related to shipping, delivering and returning products purchased on www.bevandeistantanee.it;
• Infracom Italia S.p.A., for purposes related to the housing of Kynetos S.r.l. servers.
Please contact our Customer Care or send us an e-mail at servizioclienti@bevandeistantanee.it in order to receive a full list of data processors.

Your personal data will be collected and processed by Kynetos S.r.l. only for purposes that are strictly tied to use of the website, of its services, and to the online purchase of products. More specifically, your personal data may be processed for the following purposes:
• in the context of registration procedures on www.bevandeistantanee.it, we collect your personal data (such as, for example, your email address, postal address, gender, User ID, Password) via the relative registration form, to grant you access to the reserved areas of www.bevandeistantanee.it and to send you our Newsletter, when specifically requested;
• in the context of product purchasing procedures on www.bevandeistantanee.it, we collect your personal data (such as, for example, your email address, your personal details, postal address, credit card number and bank coordinates, tel. number) via the order form for the sale of products on www.bevandeistantanee.it;
• to provide customer care and services;
• to register you to newsletter services;
• to insert your personal details in the IT databases of the Data Controllers;
• for accounting/book-keeping purposes;
• to manage collections and payments;
• to fulfill the obligations established by civil and tax-related legal norms, by regulations, by EC norms.
Your personal data are prevalently processed in electronic format and also in paper format in certain circumstances, such as, for example, when it is necessary to process your data to prevent frauds, by the controller, the administrator, and assignees, in observance of all cautionary measures that guarantee security and confidentiality.
The processing of sensitive data will be made within the general limits authorized by the Privacy Guarantor no. 5 of 2011.

The personal data will be stored in the format that allows them to be identified for the time strictly necessary to the purposes for which the data have been collected and subsequently processed and, at any rate, according to the limitations of law.
Your personal data will not be disclosed to third subjects for purposes not allowed by law or without your explicit consent.
Your personal data may be disclosed to third subjects only when it is necessary to finalize the contract, as for example, to Banca Sella, in order to execute long distance electronic payments with credit/debit card, in the event that the customer decides to purchase a product on www.bevandeistantanee.it.
Moreover, your personal data may be disclosed to police forces or to judiciary authorities, in compliance with the law and upon prior formal request by the latter subjects.
It may be that Kynetos S.r.l. find themselves processing the personal data of third subjects that have been directly communicated by its users, for example, when a user has purchased a product for a friend, or rather, when the subject making the payment for the product purchased is different from the subject for whom the service is intended, or yet further, when a user wants to inform a friend about a service through the specific form on www.bevandeistantanee.it.
Please be informed that consent by these persons is not necessary only when the data of this subject are communicated to Kynetos S.r.l. to finalize the contract with Kynetos S.r.l. in his exclusive favor.

3. Nature of the data collection and consequences of the possible failure to communicate the data
It is obligatory to provide your personal data for purposes strictly tied to use of the website, its services, and to the online purchase of products, and in order to fulfill legal obligations.
It is necessary to communicate your personal data and, more specifically, your personal details to Kynetos S.r.l. with regard to finalizing the contract to purchase products on www.bevandeistantanee.it or when other services rendered on the website are supplied upon customer request, or when the data are necessary to fulfill obligations ensuing from legal or regulatory norms.
The possible refusal to communicate to Kynetos S.r.l. certain data that are necessary to these purposes may entail the impossibility for Kynetos S.r.l. to execute the contract for the purchase of products on www.bevandeistantanee.it. Failure to communicate the data may, depending on the circumstance, represent a legitimate and justified reason for Kynetos S.r.l. not to execute the contract for the purchase of products.

4. Data communication and disclosure
For the purpose of executing the contract and for those pointed out above, your personal data may be communicated to:
• all persons and legal entities (legal, administrative, and fiscal counseling firms, auditing companies, carriers and forwarders, data processing center, etc.), if it proves necessary to communicate them for the purposes illustrated above;
• to bank institutes to handle collections and payments;
• to our collaborators and employees specifically assigned for the purpose and in the context of their relative tasks;
The data collected is not subjected to disclosure.

5. Safety measures
We have adopted safety measures so as to reduce to a bare minimum the risks of destruction or loss, even accidental, of the data, of unauthorized access or to processing of the data that is not allowed or not compliant with the purposes for its collection pointed out in our Privacy Policy.
However, Kynetos S.r.l. cannot guarantee to its users that the measures adopted for the safety of the website and of the transmission of data and information limit or exclude all risks of access that is not allowed or dispersion of the data. We recommend that you make sure your PC is equipped with adequate software devices for the protection of data transmission online, both incoming and outgoing (such as updated antivirus systems), and that the internet provider has adopted measures that are suitable to ensure safety of the data transmission online (such as, for example, firewalls and anti-spamming filters).

6. Newsletter and Electronic Marketing
Your data may only be used upon your prior consent in order to:
• register you to newsletter services
• send emails advertising products and services, marketing activities, surveys, and to send advertising material
7. Rights of the subject concerned
You are entitled to exercise your rights toward the data controller at any given moment, pursuant to art. 7 of Law Decree no. 196 dated June 30, 2003, which we reproduce herein for your benefit.
• The subject concerned has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal data that concern him/her, even if they have not yet been registered, and to have them communicated in intelligible form.
• The subject concerned has the right to obtain indication as to:
a) the origin of the personal data;
b) the purposes and modes of the data processing;
c) the logic applied in the case the data is processed with the aid of electronic instruments;
d) the identification data of the collector, of the administrators, and of the appointed representative, pursuant to article 5, comma 2;
e) the subjects or the categories of subjects to whom the personal data may be communicated or who may become aware of the data, in their capacity of representative appointed on State territory, of the administrators, or of assignees.
• The subject concerned has the right to obtain:
a) that the data be updated, corrected or, when of his/her interest, integrated;
b) that the data be canceled, anonymously transformed, or blocked when processed in breach of law, including those data that need not to be stored in relation to the purposes for which they have been collected or subsequently processed;
c) certification that the operations described under letters a) and b) have been made known, also for that which concerns their contents, to those to whom the data have been communicated or disclosed, except when fulfillment of this obligation proves impossible or when it entails the use of means that are manifestly disproportionate compared to the right safeguarded.
• The subject concerned has the right to oppose, in whole or in part:
a) for legitimate reasons, the processing of personal data that concern him/her, even though pertinent to the collection purpose;
b) that personal data which concern him/her be processed for the purpose of sending advertising material or of making direct sales, or to carry out market researches, or to make marketing communications.
The rights are exercised with an informal request addressed to the data collector or administrator, even by means of an intermediary, request which is returned a suitable reply without delay.
The request addressed to the data collector or administrator can also be sent by registered mail, telefax, or email.
8. Links
www.bevandeistantanee.it contains hypertext links to other websites that are in no way tied to www.bevandeistantanee.it or, at any rate, to Kynetos S.r.l..

Kynetos S.r.l. cannot be deemed responsible for the contents of these websites and for the rules adopted by the latter, even those concerning treatment of your privacy and of your personal information during your browsing.

10. Contacts
If you wish to receive further information on how Kynetos S.r.l. process your personal data, please send an e-mail to servizioclienti@bevandeistantanee.it. Should you require any further information on your rights and on personal data protection law you can contact the personal data protection authority at the following address: www.garanteprivacy.it .

11. Applicable law
This Privacy Policy is governed by Italian law and, more specifically, by the Ethics Code in terms of personal data protection (Law Decree no. 196, dated June 30, 2003), which rules on the treatment of personal data - even those held abroad - performed by anyone residing or with office in Italy.

The Code guarantees that the processing of personal data takes place in respect of the fundamental rights and freedom, as well as of the dignity of the subject concerned, with particular reference to confidentiality, to personal identity, and to the right to protection of personal data.

12. Modifications and updates to the Privacy Policy
Kynetos S.r.l. may modify or update, entirely or partially, the Privacy Policy of www.bevandeistantanee.it, also in consideration of variations to legal or regulatory norms that govern this matter and protect your rights. The modifications and updates to the Privacy Policy of www.bevandeistantanee.it will be notified to the users on the homepage of www.bevandeistantanee.it, as soon as they are adopted, and will be binding as soon as they are published on the website in this same section. For this reason, we invite you to regularly access this section, to be informed on any possible updates, and to view the most recent Privacy Policy.