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Welcome to the www.bevandeistantanee.it website.

Access and use of www.bevandeistantanee.it are governed by these General Conditions of Use.

Access and use of this website, as also the purchase of products on www.bevandeistantanee.it, presume that the General Conditions of Use have been read, are known and accepted. The www.bevandeistantanee.it website is managed by Kynetos S.r.l., hereinafter referred to as the “Seller”.

For any other type of legal information, please consult the General Sale Conditions and Privacy Policy on www.bevandeistantanee.it.

The Seller can modify or simply update, entirely or partially, these General Conditions of Use. The modifications and updates to the General Conditions of Use will be adopted and will be binding as soon as they are published on the website in this same section. We kindly ask you to regularly access this section to view the most recent and updated publications of the General Conditions of Use of www.bevandeistantanee.it.

Please be reminded that you are the only and sole person responsible for the use you make of www.bevandeistantanee.it and its contents. The Seller, in fact, cannot be deemed responsible for use of the website and its contents that is not compliant with the legal norms in force, made by each one of its users, except for its responsibility for malice and gross negligence.

More specifically, you will be the one and only person responsible for communicating incorrect, untruthful information and data, or ones relative to third subjects, without the latter having expressed their consent, as well as for an improper use of such information on your part.

1. Privacy Policy
1.1. We kindly ask you to carefully read the Privacy Policy which is applied in the case that the user accesses www.bevandeistantanee.it and uses its relative services, while yet not purchasing any product. The Privacy Policy helps you understand how www.bevandeistantanee.it collects and uses your personal information and for which purposes.

2. Intellectual property rights
2.1. The contents of www.bevandeistantanee.it, such as, by mere way of example, the works, images, photographs, dialogue, music, audio and video footage, the documents, drawings, figures, brands, and any other material in any other format published on www.bevandeistantanee.it, including menus, web pages, graphics, colors, diagrams, instruments, characters, and the design of the website, layouts, methods, processes, functions, and the software that are part of www.bevandeistantanee.it, are all protected by copyright and by any other intellectual property right of Kynetos S.r.l.. and of the other owners of the rights.
It is forbidden to reproduce, in whole or in part and in any form, the www.bevandeistantanee.it website and its contents, without express consent in written form by Kynetos S.r.l..

3. Trademarks
3.1. The names of the products sold on www.bevandeistantanee.it and present on the website are registered trademarks of their respective owners, and they are used within www.bevandeistantanee.it with the sole purpose of distinguishing, describing, and advertising the products for sale on www.bevandeistantanee.it.
Any use of said trademarks that is against the law and, as such, not authorized, is forbidden and entails serious legal consequences. It is in no way allowed to use said trademarks and any other distinctive mark displayed on www.bevandeistantanee.it to unduly reap advantage from the distinctive quality and renown of these trademarks, or so as to cause prejudice to them and to their owners.

4. Links to other websites
4.1. www.bevandeistantanee.it contains hypertext links to other websites that are in no way tied to www.bevandeistantanee.it or, at any rate, to the Seller.
The Seller cannot be deemed responsible for the contents of these websites and for the rules adopted by the latter, even those concerning treatment of your privacy and of your personal information during your browsing.

5. Links to www.bevandeistantanee.it
Anyone interested in activating links to the home page and other web pages of www.bevandeistantanee.it that are publicly accessible is kindly asked to contact the Seller at the following e-mail address: servizioclienti@bevandeistantanee.it.
Contacting the Seller by e-mail is necessary to authorise activation of hyperlinks to www.bevandeistantanee.it.
The Seller activates links for the applicant free of charge and in non-exclusive form.
The Seller is entitled to oppose the activation of direct links to its website in case the applicant requesting activation of links to www.bevandeistantanee.it has in the past engaged in unfair trading practices that do not conform to the ethical standards of the industry. Such practices include unfair competition against the Seller or its suppliers, or when the Seller has reason to believe that this type of conduct may be adopted in the future, or when the applicant has engaged in the past or might adopt in the future, actions that discredit the Seller, its website or its services. In any case, activation of embedded hypertext links (such as deep frames or deep links) to www.bevandeistantanee.it , or the unauthorised use of meta-tags, are prohibited without the explicit consent of the Seller.