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How to Register
To register on Bevande Istantanee, all you have to do is type in your name, email address, and password.

Registered users can benefit of many advantages:
Save your favorite products in your Wish List
Add other delivery addresses in the Address Book to complete your purchases faster
Check the status of an order or a history of the orders made

Registration is simple and free. Click on Register and type in your data.
Changing Your Data
You can update and change your registration data at any time.
Access the Log-in and enter the Registration Data section. You can change all the data, except for the country from where you registered.
Click on Save to confirm the changes.
Wish List
Registered users can save their favorite products in the Wish List.
Access the Log-in and when you are on a page that gives you the details of a product, use the Add to Wish List link. The product will be added to your Wish List.
You can review your Wish List at any moment by accessing to the Log-in and entering the Wish List section.
You can subscribe to the Newsletter when registering your account or by accessing the related section.
If you are subscribed to the Newsletter, you will receive previews of our Online Store.
My Orders
You can view the orders you've made to date by logging into the Orders section.
Address Book
Registered users can add multiple addresses (e.g. home address, office address, etc.).
You can set a default address and choose the addresses from your list in the Destination page whenever you make an order: it's simple and fast.
Recovering Your Password
If you forget your access codes, you must click on I've forgotten the password and type in a valid email address.
You will receive an email with the access codes.
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